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    Need advice on saving combo box selection.

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      HI! I need some advice on how to save the users combo box selection on a
      form. My form validates fields and then combo as well and then IF the fields
      info are NOT correct it goes to another frame telling the user so then the
      users click a button to return.

      Now all works and the users previously entered text is also saved on return
      but now I want to also save the combo box selection ( if the users did
      choose a selection) but I don't know how to go about it. Can someone help me
      with this?

      below is the code that I am using to populate the combo box.

      var user_combo_selection
      ccbdepartment.addItem("Please Choose A Department", "");
      ccbdepartment.addItem("Webmaster", webmaster@123.com);
      ccbdepartment.addItem("Sales", sales@123.com);
      ccbdepartment.addItem("Accounting", accounting@123.com);
      ccbdepartment.addItem("Pre-sales", presales@123.com);

      // establish component listener
      lo = new Object();
      lo.change = function (evt) {
      user_combo_selection = (evt.target.selectedItem.data);
      ccbdepartment.addEventListener("change", lo);