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    BLUDVLZ's Revised Rules of Graphic Design

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      It's been a year or so since I last posted these, and since the old post has gone to the great forum resting place in the cybersky, I decided to repost. This time with some choice addtions.


      1. Before you can break the rules of graphic design, you must first know the rules of graphic design.
      2. Microsoft Word is not a graphic design program.
      3. The greatest obstacle to an effective campaign is usually the client.
      4. Always build in a little extra safety time when determining project deadlines; just in case something goes wrong or breaks.
      5. Before a designer can do his job he needs all the pertinent information up front; reverse engineering a project never produces a good result.
      6. Any advertisement will be successful as long as you give away a free tool set.
      7. Never use script or calligraphic fonts in ALL CAPS.
      8. Microsoft Excel is not a graphic design program.
      9. There is no point-and-click solution to good graphic design.
      10. Photoshop is not a verb.
      11. The death penalty should be enacted for those designers who use the following fonts:
      Comic Sans
      Zapf Chancery
      Ad Lib
      Brush Script
      Monotype Corsiva.
      12. Never mess with a client who tosses his own dick salad.
      13. Adobe does not yet include a talent filter in any of its programs that will miraculously make a bad design, good.
      14. Microsoft PowerPoint is not a graphic design program.
      15. Images pulled off of the Internet DO NOT work in print.
      16. The client isnt always right, and when hes wrong its always going to be the designers fault.
      17. Clipart is evil.
      18. Clipart is your best friend.
      19. The best computer for the job is the one that is working when you really need it.
      20. Camera-ready art that is built to the exact specifications is good; camera-ready artwork that is scanned off an inkjet printout and faxed to you is bad.
      21. Microsoft Publisher is the most dangerous piece of software in existence.
      22. When you find a good print house, keep it.
      23. Develop good relationships with other designers who work in other specialty areas; it always comes in handy in a pinch when looking for artwork or logos.
      24. Never be satisfied with your current level of expertise; always look for ways to improve your talents and understanding of design.
      25. Dont just know how to use one program, know as many as possible.
      26. Learn good time management skills.
      27. Educate the client whenever possible.
      28. Dont get too defensive about creative feedback. Be able to offer solid reasons for your design decisions and be prepared to offer alternative suggestions as a compromise.
      29. There is always a way to make a good layout, better.
      30. A starburst is a method for poor designers to draw attention to the copy points that should have been addressed through better layout.
      31. Never blindly trust a file sent to you by another designer unless you truly trust the designer.
      32. The designer that doesnt keep up with current technology wont be a designer for long.
      33. Always pay attention to changing design trends.
      34. You will find yourself identifying typefaces on billboards as you drive down the interstate (Note: This will drive your family and friends nuts).
      35. No one but designers and artists will ever truly understand the creative process.
      36. Just because you have a computer and a program does not automatically mean that you are a graphic designer.
      37. Only production artists and bosses seem to have 9-5 workdays.
      38. No matter how many hours you work, make sure you set aside enough time to let your creative mind recharge.
      39. A solid marketing plan can help poor creative. Good creative will never help a poor marketing plan.
      40. Never underestimate the importance of being able ********.
      41. A good designer needs to know how to fix his own computer.
      42. A good designer can be effective w