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        I seen this article on http://www.studentbunk.com
        I lost everything as eBay are affiliated to PayPal who are utter useless! their buyer protection is a big con.
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          Check ratings before you buy. I generally stick with 97 percent or better
          ratings. If something looks too good to be true, it is.
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            PlexusDS Level 1
            The problem is there are too many high quality counterfeits on eBay, that people don't even realise they're buying pirate copies. To the untrained eye, they look exactly like the real thing, and because you don't see many copies of Photoshop on the shelf at local stores, it makes it more difficult to compare against a genuine product.
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              Well, I think I just got screwed by an eBay Power Seller with 100% feedback and over 100 ratings. AND she had at least a dozen positive reviews from people who had purchased Photoshop from her previously. :-( The deal was for CS2 for about $200, supposedly new and unregistered, and it came shrink wrapped. I guess I'm going to have to talk to Adobe and see if it's a pirate copy.

              As for GIMP, I would love to use it if it didn't crash my system the minute I touched my Wacom tablet.
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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                The fact that she had a dozen copies to sell should have been a red flag.

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                  I'm looking into buying this software, and I've been trying to do it through adobe as a student. But I'm looking for a second option, off nextag I found this site
                  Is it safe to buy from places like this?

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                    If the program opens, registers, works and I can download updates using my serial number, am I ok? If I am, then I was actually having a software conflict. I did the msconfig thing in #11 here: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=328312&sliceId=2 and I installed directly on my C drive (which I really hate to do), and the program seems to be working now.

                    Just to clarify, she had different versions of PS (some CS2 and some CS3), and they weren't all for sale at the same time. The positive reviews were over a period of time.
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                      Michael D Sullivan Level 3
                      If your registration shows up in your Adobe account online, then all is well. If it doesn't show up, you may have a problem.
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                        Seems kinda risky buying it off ebay.
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                          Hello All

                          Has anybody come across this problem before on the 15/06/2008 i won an ebay auction which was the adobe photoshop cs3 extended version
                          for £150 which i thought was a very good bargain.
                          The person who sold it to me answered all my questions that i asked
                          for instance
                          was it a student version was it new or secondhand had it been registered and activated and also was it a PIRATED version
                          the answer came back to me as it was a fully good retail version like you see in the shops.
                          So on that i was happy and i duly won the auction
                          As this person came from the netherlands the software would be with me in about a weeks time,over a week had passed no software
                          Then i got an email appologising he had been away and just got back my auction had slipped his mind a few days later i recived a S.M.S.
                          tracking number for my parcel which was coming from China which i thought was strange eventually it arrived
                          installed the prog put in the serial number and activated it everything went okay then i went to register it and put my name and address in with the rest of the details and it said okay that you will get an email shortly
                          This email never arrived.So i went into my account on the adobe website to have a look to see if it was in and in the registration section on my adobe elements was showing
                          so then i went to the page where you can put in your serial number in
                          and it came up with an error saying it did nor reconise the number
                          What i'm puzzled about is why did it activate and also why did it say you will recivee an email shortly if my serial number is bogus one doe anybody know ??
                          Also on the bottom of my box my pinumber according to google does not reconise it as an adobe photoshop cs3 pinnumber ??
                          await anybodys answer please
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                            Michael D Sullivan Level 3
                            It sounds like you might have been scammed. Contact Adobe customer service and ask if the serial number is legitimate. If it's not, contact the seller, Ebay, and your credit card company.

                            Some pirated versions have a hacked activation and registration system that doesn't actually contact Adobe; it just says that you are activated and/or registered. As to not getting the email from Adobe, that's not a very good indicator. Adobe tends to take many months to send the email with link for the registration bonus.
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                              Thankyou Michael

                              For your reply it was good of you to do so
                              Sorry i have not been in touch with you sooner
                              i have been ill but i'm better now i will do
                              as you say and see what transpires from it
                              but i have written 2 emails to the person who sold me the
                              software and have not had a reply as yet although i do not think i
                              will get one and i will be supirsed if i do
                              So tomorrow i'm going to ring up adobe and ask them about my copy
                              also i will gert in touch with my credit card people
                              but i do not know what they can do as it has been paid already into the persons account but will keep you posted.
                              But i'm in a quandery realy as i'm a pensioner and the price of the software is out of my price range to but normally that is why i turned to ebay just in case there was a bargain
                              Sometimes you can be lucky.
                              The quandry part is if i tell adobe they may want the software and therefore i will loose the use of the software or adobe may say you can have a reduced priced version say at £250 which is still cheap if you bought it elswhere but even that price is out of my league £150 is my max.
                              The software i have is working perfectly it has even updated the software so i'm a bit loathed to part with it now so you see the problem i have
                              I do have the adobe elements 6 but i now have moved on from that software that is why i bought photoshop cs3
                              and that is where i'm at, at this moment in time.
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                                dave milbut Level 4
                                you should try using photoshop elements david. that sounds like what you need. check it out at amazon. i believe elements 6 is the latest version...
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                                  John Joslin Level 6
                                  He has it!
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                                    dave milbut Level 4
                                    ah. missed his first post.
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                                      Michael D Sullivan Level 3
                                      David, I don't know what country you live in, but in the U.S., the credit card companies can reverse a charge, which means they get the money back from the vendor, within some specified period, for good reason. The procedures and standards will vary by card company. American Express allows you to contest a charge as incorrect, fraudulent, etc., and they will give you a temporary credit automatically; this becomes permanent if the vendor doesn't justify the charge, so it shifts the burden of proof to the vendor. I haven't contested a charge for fraud or pirated software, but I have challenged charges for "discount cards" that I never ordered or received, for some unknown alleged purchase from TimesofIndia.com (which I have never visited), for an unordered software subscription from RealNetworks, etc. In each case, I was immediately credited, and I am a very satisfied AmEx customer as a result. Check with your credit card company to see what its policies are.
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                                        dave milbut Level 4
                                        ya, amex rocks. (member since 1988).

                                        I just got a "free" sony playstation 3 from them on points! blu-ray rocks too. :)
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                                          Jack Cates Level 1
                                          Ditto on Michael. Mine have been subscriptions to magazines I've never heard of. Visa and MC treated me like garbage so I canceled them. AmEx since '96.
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                                            Level 1
                                            Hello Micheal D Sullivan

                                            You are correct i have been had the software as you read in my email i did before explaining what has gone on
                                            Today i got intouch with adobe customer sevice they could not say toom much due to data protection act but i did find out that the serial number is a bogus one
                                            So now i have emailed an address they gave me and i have emailed the revalent details on to them
                                            The person who sent me this must be stupid i think as he is setting up a new website and i have looked at the new website he has setup and he has his home address on it.So all this has been passed on to Adobe piracy centre and now i wait for the outcome i do have a lot of communication with the bloke who sold me it plus the consignment note from where it came from in china
                                            Have been in touch with Ebay itself as i do have a direct phonelink
                                            as i'm one of the people who are testing this service for them
                                            the direct phonelink works a charm
                                            So all i have to notify now is paypal which i'm going to do next day or two when i have had a reply back from adobe
                                            As for the pirate software itself it has updated okay and works a treat so far so thankyou for your concern
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                                              Jack Cates Level 1
                                              I for one look forward to watching them burn. Please update us here on whatever progress you see.
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                                                Level 1
                                                HELLO ALL

                                                Since my last post i have been intouch with Ebay and started a dispute claim i have also had an email from an adobe adviser
                                                and i do have to send the pirate software to ADOBE IN USA with my details and emails i have got from the sender plus the consignment reciept that i have got from where it came in china.
                                                So it looks not to good for who ever sold it to me.
                                                Unless he is not aware that what he sent me was a fake copy
                                                but i think different if it was a genuine mistake why has he not emailed me to say so as he does know as i have sent 3 emails that mentions the fact and have given him ample time to explain to me about it all.
                                                The only looser here may be me if pay-pal do not pay up.They now know all about what has gone on i'm just waiting for emails back now
                                                will keep you all posted about the next bit in this saga

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                                                  From my understanding, about ninety percent of the Adobe software being sold on eBay is pirated, along with most of the other software, thats the only way they can sell it for so cheap. I would steer clear of software on eBay and buy from trusted stores.
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                                                    R Popham Level 1
                                                    It looks like the software industry may be getting ready to do something serious about all this bogus eBay software.

                                                    [replacing long url]:
                                                    http://tinyurl.com/67v361 or
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                                                      dave milbut Level 4
                                                      that would be nice. it would be nice to be able to confidently buy used sw from ebay at a deep discount from people who genuinely want to sell their stake in such software. as it is now i wouldn't buy sw from ebay with YOUR credit card! :) good find rick!
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                                                        R Popham Level 1
                                                        > as it is now i wouldn't buy sw from ebay with YOUR credit card!

                                                        ...and I appreciate that! :)
                                                        • 65. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                          I just wanted to add to this post. I followed it before I purchased my copy of CS3 from a reputable Adobe dealer here in Australia. In fact the supplier was Adobe Australia's preferred dealer and they directed me there. When I received CS3, on the box it said "Made in Singapore". I was very concerned and rang Adobe here, as well as having my son living in USA do the same thing with Adobe. Both of them verified that I have a genuine copy. Perhaps "Made in Singapore" is not a definite clue to holding a pirated copy. It may be that Adobe produce their product here for the Asia-Pacific market.
                                                          • 66. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                            John Joslin Level 6
                                                            Could be the pirates got their original from there.
                                                            • 67. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                              dave milbut Level 4
                                                              > Perhaps "Made in Singapore" is not a definite clue to holding a pirated copy.

                                                              no. from what i understand there is a legit adobe manufacturer in singapore. it's just that the most pirated copy seems to have been taken from an original that was made there so that many of the pirate copies out there bear the 'made in singapore' tag.
                                                              • 68. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                dave milbut Level 4
                                                                or what john said.
                                                                • 70. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                  There are some legitimate discounts on ebay, though not so steep. As is well known, some sellers provide the upgrade version and also include a full unopened legacy version, such as 6 (how I bought cs2). This will net a full current version with a pretty respectable discount.
                                                                  • 71. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                    PlexusDS Level 1
                                                                    Nick, unfortunately, this is not always a safe way to obtain a legitimate discount either.

                                                                    While the upgrade product may be legitimate, the 'base' or qualifying product (if it even comes with one) may not be - some sellers just supply a paper license with a serial number that may already be registered, or from a keygen...
                                                                    when they do supply a legacy product, this may also be counterfeit, so it's still a case of 'if it sounds too good to be true... it usually is'.
                                                                    • 72. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                      Some Pirated copies DO go through the automated computer serial system, but they get flagged as Pirated. Meaning if you ever try to uninstall and reinstall you won't be able to, or if you ever try to upgrade or sell it it won't work. Buying software online is a HORRIBLE idea unless you buy from the software company. It's just plain common sense.
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                                                                        Level 1
                                                                        Congratulation if you got the genuine one that cheap.

                                                                        But I suggest that,next time, if you want to make sure that you got genuine one, just buy straight from the company or their authorized reseller.

                                                                        And you may get some discount if they're running promotions. But not likely that the company itself willing to sell it for very low price without running a grand campaign to public eyes.
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                                                                          I once bought adobe on ebay, it came in a box, shrink wrapped and all, thinking I got a good deal but unfortunately it was just filled with fluffy foam. Thankfully I did not pay much but I learned my lesson to never buy software on ebay.
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                                                                            StevieJV Level 1
                                                                            Adobe had the same thing happen when they bought Macromedia.
                                                                            • 77. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                              I don't know of anywhere that you can get CS3 in the US for $200USD wholesale or otherwise. Probably a scam.
                                                                              • 78. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                                The Link is not working for me.

                                                                                It takes me to a 404 page on yahoo. :(
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                                                                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                                                                  It's an old story that's expired. The general idea is that about 90% or
                                                                                  so of software sold on eBay is pirated and the software companies are
                                                                                  finally doing something about it.

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