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    Performance between Flex Dataservice and ColdFusion MX

      I have a problem with der communication between fds und CF MX. The performance between this is very slowly, so the datatransfer to the Client or Database is delayed up to minutes. The current configuration is like follows:
      Server: Win2003-US (VMWare 2x3,3GHz, 2GB RAM )
      CFMX in Multiservermodus(JRUN4 and Instance CFusion),fds in Instance from Cfusion.
      Number of the interconnected Clients approximately 50, which are connected over WAN.
      Per Client, ca.60 Models are to be moved per hour and 24h long on average.
      The general function of the Application is to move datamodell per Drag an Drop from one box about a secondbox to another Box (with Datastruction included) and write these data permanently into the data base.
      What can I transact which attitudes, so that the communication runs out more quickly between fds and MX (in the service-config of fds, ....)?