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    Insert then Query

      I have a small CFM application on our server. It worked well for several years. However, we just upgraded the coldfusion server and one item is not working.

      I used to have folks fill out a form. The data was inserted into the database. I would query the database on the same page in which I did the insertion and all was fine....every record was available.

      Now, however, when I query the database after the insertion, all records up to the lastest insertion are reflected. In other words, the page insertion data is not reflected in the query. However, the data is successfully inserted. (Inspection with other methods indicates the data was successfully inserted.)

      Here is a scaled down code snippet.

      <cfinsert datasource=#WList_DSN# tablename="Wait"
      <cfquery name="get_position" datasource=#WList_DSN# username=#WList_USERNAME# password=#WList_PASSWORD#>
      SELECT ID, Fname, Lname, Snumber, Phone, Email FROM Wait
      WHERE Course = '#form.Course#'
      ORDER by ID
      <title>Test Page</title>
      <cfoutput query="get_data">
      #FNAME# #LNANE#<br>

      #FNAME# and #LNAME# in the output show each record in the database except for the one just inserted. Is there a way to remedy this? I want to conduct the query on the same page as the insertion, if at all possible.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.