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    Could not initialize Photoshop because the file is locked

      I have the problem where you get the Could not initialize Photoshop because the file is locked, where the solution was to fix the properties in the jpg. I did that and tried the Ctrl-Alt-Shft thing too. I pressed them in time and got the message to delete the settings. When I click yes, I still get the "file locked" message. If it is the scratch disk setting problem, I can't get PS open to change it. This problem started when I was opening a locked jpg from a relative. (Now none of my previous pics will open either). Any other ideas other than these that are already listed in the forums? Thanks for any help.

      Technical: Windows XP 5.1, HP7680, Photoshop CS2, 2g ram, more than enough work drives. (no Vista)

      Sequence of events: 1) recd a jpg from a relative in an email and saved it to hard drive. 2) with Photoshop unopened, I rt clkd on the jpg and chose "open with CS2". 3) PS started loading and then stopped with the "file locked" msg. Clkd on OK and PS closed. 4) tried to open PS from the shortcut (and from explorer) and got same result. 5) researched the problem and then used the Ctrl-Alt-Shft approach, got the window that asks to "delete settings" and chose ok, PS closed again. 6) went to the jpg and displayed properties and saw "This file came from another computer and might be locked....", so I clicked "unblock". 7) retried step 2, then 4 with same results. 7) tried to open an old jpg with step 2 and same result (got file locked msg). 8) no longer can bring up the "delete settings" window with the the Ctrl-Alt-Shft approach as it looks like it deleted the settings the 1st time.
      Any ideas???? Thanks again.