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    two small actionscript issue

    djelder Level 1

      I have most of everything laid out, and it works nicely. I am having two small issues.

      First: I have 6 buttons on the page menu bar and then there is the home page, which will use the logos as the navigation tool back to the home page. What I would like to have happen is when the user is looking at the site, they go from the "home" page to "contact us" the point identifies the user is on that page, which it does already, but if the user goes back to the "home" page, I want the pointer to disappear. I would prefer it to just fade away from the position it is currently at when either of the two logos are released, or I would like it to go back to the home position I have off the screen. I have all of the other actions for the pointer going to and from there proper places, I just want to take it this one step further.

      Second: I have slides set up with the same naming scheme as the button, and I am not getting any error messages when I am trying to link my buttons to my slides, but I am also not getting any action. Meaning my buttons aren't going to the different slides I have set up? Am I not directing the actions to the proper slides?