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    Compatability with PProCS3

      Ok, so I'm getting into video after 10 years in the pro audio industry. After studying PProCS3 and Avid MediaComposer, I've pretty much settled on PProCS3 for my editing platform. (Unfortunately the network at my work requires I run a PC rather than a Mac so FCP is out.)

      I've been reading through the forum here and I continue to see references to lists of equipment (both computer and camera) that Adobe has said is compatible with PProCS3. But for the life of me I can't find those lists on Adobe's website!

      Can anybody tell me exactly where on Adobe's site I can find the list of "approved" cameras and a list of mobos and cpus that have checked out on Adobe's stuff? I'm also considering running the Blackmagic Multibridge Eclipse with PProCS3. Does Adobe put out lists of external hardware that have checked out with their software?

      I'm leaning VERY heavily toward the Panasonic HVX200A, but I'm also looking at the Canon XL-H1S. Anybody got any suggestions one way or the other on those?