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    Edits lost during upgrade??

      Hello everyone,

      I have been wrestling with this project for some time now...

      I edited on 2.0, and, due to the HDV sync issue, had to manually adjust all the sound clips. I then spent some time researching different export options, trying to come at the best solution. In the meantime, I upgraded to CS3, and then to 3.2.0 about a week or so ago--the problem is that, somewhere during this process, something must have went wrong; I just went back yesterday hoping to make my final export and wash my hands clean of this nightmare, only to find out that, somehow, everything is once again out of sync...

      I wish I would have saved the CS3 project as a new file, preserving the original 2.0 version, but I'm afraid I didn't... Can it be that, whatever they did to fix the sync bug in 3.2.0, it has now skewed once again my manually adjusted' sync? (I thought that the fix would only apply during capture, and would not manipulate previously captured footage...) Another fact that makes me doubt that this is the issue is that the rest of the original footage is still out of sync.

      If anyone has any suggestions as to what could have went wrong and how, please let me know.