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    Premiere Pro CS3 Crashed, and now will no longer start back up again..

      I was working on a project today using Cs3, I've had it since spring and it always worked fine until tonight when i was editing a project.. In the middle of my editing the program unexpectedly froze than crashed...
      I then tried to restart it and i got this message which popped up in 4 windows..
      " Sorry a serious error has occurred that required adobe premiere pro to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project" i then hit ok and it exited completely, i tried to open it again, same thing..

      so then i restarted my computer and i got a different message that said something like i wasn't aloud to use the program anymore and had to reinstall it or cal adobe tech support... so i put the CD in and re-installed it and got the same message when opening the program up again "serious error messages" I then went to the CS3 updates to update it back to version 3.2.0. But still continue to get the error message.

      so something must have happened during my edit that caused it to stop working, but i have no idea what it could be. I even tried to do a System restore..which also got a error message....thanks vista...

      anyways..i can use some help, thanks

      i tried to reinstall Premiere Pro 1.5 since Cs3 was an upgrade.. I reinstalled it then reinstalled Cs3 again, and i still get the "serious error Message" so that didn't work...