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    widescreen issue and safe margins i need advice

      can anyone help me, i have a 20 min film practically finished and have one big problem, it wont play right in a normal sized TV. Now when i originally started the project i set the project to widescreen because it is to be played on a 18 foot screen next week. however we have decided to make copies of the film on dvd for members to take home. when i played the dvd in a normal 17-inch TV i have, the titles are off the screen and some pictures and are stretched too.

      do i have to go back and resize each clip to fit into the safe margins of the original widescreen setting or is there another easier way of doing this in the exporting?

      can it be resized in a way that will play fine on both screen sizes?

      these probably seem like stupid questions but i am fairly new to premiere so i hope someone out there can please give me any help about this issue.