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    cs4 media encoder question

      Hello all....I have been holding off upgrading to CS4 production premium from my CS3 suite....mainly as I really am not sure what the benefits would be for my particular workflow.....but one question I need answered is this....I currently use Procoder 3 for all of my encoding needs and am extremely pleased with the results....would upgrading to CS4 make Procoder redundant? or can I bypass the AME (which sounds extremely buggy)any feedback is much appreciated
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          shooternz Level 6
          You could not Bypass AME in CS4

          All exports (frpom still frames to movies) now go through it. That means you can not Export an AVI intermediate/master for example then use Procoder to encode.
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            don solomon Level 1

            I have similar concerns about switching over to PP CS4--though I find many of its features enticing.

            Obviously, any workaround will cost time and workflow effectiveness. I certainly do not care for the stranglehold they have given AME. That was not a smart design move IMO, and certainly not a smart marketing decision, especially given the level of complaints about AME's slowness and quality issues with some formats. It IS a separate application--so where is the necessity in making it required for PP export.

            I presume one could edit/render in a given standard format, run a batch through AME while doing other work in PP, and then batch the the lot through procoder 3 to final format while continuing editing. I may give that a try with the trial version just to judge what the workflow costs are. It would take a lot for me to give up procoder, unless I was convinced that the control and quality levels were the same or better in AME.
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              Thanks for the feedback....strange that Adobe would create a closed loop with their Production suite.....is AME that good? to not give us the option of adding our own preferred compression is rather odd isnt it?Don I will be interested to know of your experience with the work around you mention.....looks like I will stick with my current set up...maybe wait for CS5 and go with the Adobe flow then!
              thanks again
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                shooternz Level 6
                Note Windows XP

                Here is my little encoding workflow... since I shelved CS4 PremPro. (too flakey)

                I went back to CS3 where I know that the in-built AME does everything very well for me (including QT/.mov which I need for uncompressed HD outputs). In CS3 I can also export Movies as Master or intermediate files and I can also Export a screen grab (easily/quickly)all from with in PPro.

                If I need to batch encode to multiple files (eg over night) ...I open the standalone AME CS4 and drag in the files from Explorer.
                This works perfectly for everything except QT/.movs

                I do not find CS4 AME slow and it seems stable although I have seen the ProHeadless error once.

                Because I do use a Master and intermediate workflow, I feel I have the best of both worlds. I can always use QT Pro if I need a QT from these as well. (Luckily I dont do too many compressed Qts anyway)