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    Anyone uses DVCPro HD 720p50 ?

    spreeni Level 1
      hi all,

      I wondered all the time, why the preview of my sourceclips in DVCProHD 720p50 stutters and nearly looks like 720p25. I thought this was an issue of the 'new' preview function or any other new option of CS4.

      But now I recognized that exported clips to DVD interlaced (with HQ option) are stuttering the same way. I would have expected, that the 50 full-frames are converted to 50 half-frames, but ...no.

      I tried DVCProHD Clips in 1080i and ...guess what - preview looks fine, exported clips in DVD-Format are looking fine, too.

      So my question to everyone: Did anyone tested 720p50 in DVCProHD or any other format? Could there be a generally issue using clips with 50 (or 60) full-frames in Premiere Pro?

      Thanks for answers.