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    Timecode in Source Window

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      I am using a project I edited in Vegas to help me learn Premiere better and I noticed something strange. My footage is an hour long made up of 5 clips (different lengths). I have the completed Vegas project open on my laptop as a reference while I'm cutting it again in Premiere on the desktop. In the Vegas trimmer window (like the Source window) I can see the timecode from the tape. On the 5th clip it doesn't start at 0:00:00, it starts at 49:30 and shows the timecode from the camera. In Premiere's Source window, each clip starts at zero. These were only captured once and I just moved them from the laptop to an external drive. Is there a setting to display the camera timecode? I'm so used to keeping notes during an interview that correspond the the time I see in viewfinder. The only other thing I could think of is that maybe since it was originally captured in Vegas, the timecode will only show in Vegas? That would be weird. Any insight would be appreciated.