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    DVD into Premiere CS4 for Dummies

      Will someone please write an article or short, simple book with this title? Surely it would sell! And then let me know when it's finished and I will be the first one to buy it. It needs to written to non-techies like me who understand video editing, but not the input and output information...compression and stuff, and all the practical application in ways we dummies can understand. Could it be written as a simple textbook, with an elementary/middle school audience in mind so we can understand it? We just want to make music videos. Please, make it simple for us: do this (and make it clear) and then tell us that if that doesn't work, then this is what you do and why. And cover all the bases - don't leave us hanging and wondering. Wow - I've already looked for a book like this on Amazon. It is a real need. Even Adobe Premiere CS4 Classroom in a Book doesn't give you an inkling of how to get DVDs into Premiere. Do they just asuume that because it's easy for them that it's easy for us? We are hairstylists, English teachers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians,fulltime moms...computers are not our major. Once I finally figure all of it out, and it's clear in my mind, I will write the book if no one else has. : )