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    CS4 Dynamic Link practically useless

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      I'm pretty pissed at the moment but I'll try to behave.

      I just purchased Production Premium CS4 and mainly because of the "improved" Dynamic Link features between AE and Premiere. What a huge disappointment:

      When I replace Premiere footage with an AE composition, it is almost impossible to preview that composition in Premiere. The playback is very jerky and jumps all over the place. In AE everything previews just fine, but when I go back to premiere to see my clip with the rest of the movie, the preview is just horrible. In CS3 I had to render the imported AE comps out in Premiere before I could watch them properly. But now in CS4 it wont let me render them: when I hit enter in Premiere the clip just starts playing straight a way without any rendering at all, and the result is some very jerky video playback. However, the render line in Premiere timeline is green (not red) and Premiere doesn't seem to think it needs to render anything.

      I use vista ultimate 64-bit, with 8 gb RAM and an intel quad core processor. Is there anything I can do to solve this or do I have abandon using Dynamic Link in CS4? :(