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    Premiere to Flash workflow ?  (Maybe AEFX to Flash)

    shooternz Level 6
      Hopefully someone has some experience with Premiere to Flash workflows and can help me here. (Apart from encoding some flvs...I have none!)

      I am shooting a number of people separately on a chroma bg so that in the end result they will appear composited alongside each other on a web page. (on a white bg).

      They respond to mouse clicks with some action and dialogue.

      Obviously I need to key the scenes in Premiere or AEFX (unless Flash can do a key?).

      What do I supply to the Web page Author?
      (I belive I should supply them with best source material)

      - I can NOT produce an avi/mov from Premiere with an alpha channel
      - I CAN produce an avi /mov from AEFX with an alpha channel (slow process for 100+ clips)
      - what / how to do this? eg can flash files have transparency.