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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 - Lots of lag :(


      So I have been testing out the trial today, and It seems like when I scrub through video, my whole system locks up for a second or 2 till everything catches up. Often the seq marker gets stuck to the mouse as well. Its even worse after I render the clip. On a 720p video, its almost impossible to scrub through 10 seconds without this happening making the program almost un usable. CS3 had no problems at all doing this sort of work for me. If anyone has had this or know a fix, please let me know, thank you.

      I'm guessing its because I'm running xp64, but I wanted to post about this anyways. Ill see if I get the same problem in xp32 as soon as I can.

      System specs:
      Windows XP 64bit
      Quad Core Extreme 3.0 ghz
      8 Gigs DDR3
      Nvidia Quadro FX5600 w/1.5 gigs and the latest drivers
      2x Velociraptor hdds