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    CS4 & Sony HDR-SR12 - initial questions

      Just got CS4 so was keen to try it out with the SR12, which uses AVCHD. I first tried using the media browser. This works quite well but I was concerned that playing a clip seemed to glitch in the rendering even though stepping through the clip didn't suffer the same problem.

      So I copied the MTS file from the camcorder onto the PC and tried again. Same problem - glitching in the video playback, like dropouts, but nothing I could get a screenshot of.

      Rendered it out to HD WMV and no problem so I'm not sure what the problem is there?

      Also, should I be using Sony's Picture Motion Browser to import the video from the camcorder first, or just drag the MTS files onto the PC? The reason why I'm asking about PMB is because I thought it had the ability to join files together if they formed a single clip and I don't know if PPro has that ability as well.

      Anyone else using one of the Sony AVCHD camcorders with this? Trying to get ideas for best practice on the workflow, e.g. renaming clips, recording clip info in the metadata, that sort of things.

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          if you search the forum for sr11 (lower capacity version of the sr12), you will see others are having similar problems.

          when i import mts files from the sr12, the audio plays but the video is frozen. the video plays fine in the sony viewer and in nero 9.

          i tried shooting in sd mode rather than hd, which generates mpg files, i get video that plays with a blank audio track. again, the mpg files play properly in the sony viewer and in nero.

          very frustrating.