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    How to save video effects for title templates?

      I just started playing with Premiere Pro CS4.
      I have a beginners question, hope you don't mind:

      In my video I use a third-low title to tell the name of songs played. I put them in a bin, basically just copy the first one and change the names in the copies. But when I add them to the timeline I noticed it looks much more professional to add a video-effect where opacity goes from 0 to 100% in a second, and then the other way at the end.

      My problem is that I seem to have to do this over and over again, for each title. Is there a simple way to make one title-template, put it on the timeline, add video-effects, and then save that and make copies just changing the text in time-line? That would save me a lot of work, and the video-effects would be consistent in looks and timing.

      Thanks for any hints or tips for this newbie.