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    How to use XDCAM files with Premier 4 Trial

      According to everything I have read, using XDCAM files with Premier 4 is easy. It just works. However, it doesn't with me.

      For starters, when I create a new project, there are no XDCAM presets, despite it stating there are in the various documents I have read.

      If I either try to import a file directly or copy it to the hard drive and then import it, I get:

      Error Message
      The importer reported a generic error

      Not very helpful.

      This is a trial version of Premier to try to establish if this product is any good. I did try to contact Adobe but they say they don't support trial users. Not very helpful. Since Adobe are obviously not very interested in selling their products, is there anyone else out there whop can answer this or should I just use Final Cut Pro instead (well if Adobe are not interested in helping a potential customer, what chance is there of being helpful once they have your money???)