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    Memory Allocation

    martinlindsay Level 1
      I have Premiere Elements 2 and Windows XP SP3. We have 1GB of RAM and 500 GB Hard drive with only 50% used. I save my videos on an external hard drive.

      I have always satifactorily burnt my DVDs with the system as it is, including a short DVD last week. In the last couple of days I've been trying to burn my DVd but Adobe fails part through the burning process as it is running short of memory allocation. We have followed previous instructions on the forum and turned off background applications. Can anyone help? I burnt something much longer without a problem about 3 weeks ago and am a loss as to what to do.

      Thanks Erika
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          What media makes up your project? Long MPEG files or large resolution photos can eat up memory allocation very quickly. That is why it is recommended to convert MPEGs to DV-AVI and resize photos to no more than 1000x750.

          One thing to try is to export your entire timeline as a DV-AVI... File>Export>Movie, then bring this into a new project, add DVD markers/menu and then burn.
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            martinlindsay Level 1
            Thanks. I don't use any stills in my DVD, just music which I import in the way I have always done and it's been ok. For information my audio clips are either MP3 Audio or Windows Media and files are up to 4.3MB. These are ripped from CD via Real Player (Windows Media seems to encode them and I cannot download to Adobe via WM)
            Source: 44100HZ 16 bit and Data rate approx 23.4375 KB.

            SHould I be doing anything else?

            Any further suggestions would be appreciated.

            Kind Regards