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    Loosing clips in the timeline with PE7

      The good news, I got my quadcore 2.4 Ghz.
      The bad news, the same problem as with my old PC.
      Between my clips on the timeline is sometimes a small empty space (Why??). When I drag the clip 2 frames to the left (+Ctrl), suddenly a clip somewhere to the right vanishes or gets considerably smaller.
      Ever seen before?
      Adobe is making life not easier...
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          I forgot to mention it is a AVCHD project
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            Are you holding down the Ctrl button every time you add a clip? You shouldn't. Otherwise, if you're just adding one clip after another, you can accidentally overlap the clips -- which may be what is happening.

            Also, right-click on the timeline and make sure Snapping is enabled. That should snap the clips together, rather than leaving a gap between them, when you place them near each other on the timeline.
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              Thanks. Snap is enabled.
              I added 30 clips at once from the project bin onto the timeline. So I was really amazed that there were small gaps between some clips.When I tried to repair this (hold CTrl and move the clips to the left) the puzzle began. It happened that moving the clip only three frames to the left, I lost 15 seconds of the total. I discovered this was either a total loss of a clip (not he one I moved, but a clip say three clips to the right) or it was considerably shorter in time.
              First I thougt it had to do with my good old dualcore (1.8Ghz), but on the new one (Quad 2.4Ghz) it is still the same.

              This is the first time it happens (after 3 completed small projects).
              From now on I will only drag one clip at the time to minimize the chance on this behaviour.
              But you will understand, I'm not happy...

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                Can you check on trackes which are above the tracks that are visible. It will create a track and go to other track which is above this track in case you are using footages which is mixture of 5.1 and stereo clips.
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                  The movieclips are AVCHD (5.1 sound)and the tracks above are a mixture of titles and pictures and even one track with video imported from a DVD (avi from mpeg, with no sound)
                  I don't see the relation with my described problem, I can't see anymore if the lost clips were transported to another track. I believe not.
                  But as said before, I will coninue with adding 1 AVCHD clip at the time.
                  So we will be an expert in workarounds at the end of the day.