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    Just installed Preimiere Elements 7... performance issues compared to Sony Vegas Movie Studio? What

      I ordered the combo pack with both Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements. I was needing Photoshop Elements but went ahead and paid the extra money to give Premiere Elements a try.

      I have been using Sony Vegas Movie Studio for a few months to do some video editing. I like it, but wanted to try out Premiere Elements in case I someday want to step up to the full Premiere.

      I'm still waiting for my "real" product to arrive in the mail, but in the meantime I went ahead and installed the trial version of Elements so I could start learning the interface.

      Here's my question... Can Premiere Elements handle lots of large HDV video files? I imported an entire project's worth of video files that I was using in Vegas (so they are in the .m2t format). This is about 900 clips spanning close to 19 hours of video. It seems that in the clip library window the scrolling is very erratic, as in I can scroll the bar all the way to the bottom, but then it jumps back to the middle and I have to scroll more to reach the true bottom of the listing. I've also noticed that if I change to a different program and then return to Premiere that it takes over a minute for the program to respond again (I get the hourglass while it is doing something...).

      I've also noticed that if I double-click a clip to play it that once I close the clip it takes several seconds for it to actually disappear and allow me to select another clip for playback.

      My system is a quad-core Intel, 8GB RAM, separate drives for video and OS, running on Vista 64-bit.

      I really want to use Premiere Elements, but it seems that if I can't get past these speed problems that I will be forced to go back to Vegas. Any suggestions? Maybe these are only issues in the trial version and they will go away when I get the full product installed?