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    Can't Open PDF Email Attachments

      I have a Treo 650 with ATT/Cingular service. I am unable to open PDF attachments to email (use Versamail and a POP3 server). I can see the attachments, when I click on the message "Do you want to accept (file name)... I reply "Yes" and receive an error message "Failed to receive beamed document." When I hit choice "OK" I get this error message "Error: Database: corrupt database 0x0209". I have unistalled and re-installed Adobe Reader 3.05 for Palm OS from both my Treo 650 and my laptop several times and I still get the message.

      What is really weird is that if I Hot Sync an Acrobat Reader PDF file from my laptop to my Treo 650 I CAN view the PDF - it is only getting them from email to open that is the issue. I can open other types of file attachments from email (WORD, Excel, ...) Any ideas? ATT could not help.
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          That's right. When you Hot Sync the file it converts it into a .pdf.pdb file, which is a Palm database wrapper on a PDF file that has been forced to tagged format and has had vector graphics converted to bitmaps.
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            Maybe you can try some repair tools. There is a tool called Advanced PDF Repair. I have used it to repair many corrupt PDF files successfully. Its homepage is http://www.datanumen.com/apdfr/

            Hope this will help.

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              The files aren't corrupt. The problem is that Adobe Reader for Palm is a two part system. The actual Palm Reader is a relatively small program that is designed to work on versions of the Palm that don't have memory cards, and therefore can only handle files in the special Palm database format.

              The general philosophy is that, the small screen and possibly the small memory (on some Palms) is not appropriate to the presentation of print images, therefore the documents are reflowed and displayed using the Palm's native fonts.

              Reflowing requires that the PDF file be marked up with the logical structure of the document, not just the layout. That is a recent feature (tagging), done to allow reading by devices like screen readers for the blind, and most documents don't have it done at source, so the part of the reader than runs on Windows usually has to attempt to do this. Doing it is complex, because it involves making inferences about the intent of the layout.

              Also, to reduce the load on the Palm part of the code, all images are converted to bitmaps.

              Finally, as noted above, many Palms at the time the software was written, many Palms did not have memory cards and therefore could only handle files in PDB format, so the Windows part of the code wraps the file up as a PDB when you properly hot synch it. That involves adding to the file, it is not just a renaming operation.

              It could be argued that processing power, memory, and the ubiquity of memory cards, now mean that vector graphics could be used directly and the files no longer need a PDB wrapper. The arguments for tagging still hold, though, although some people might prefer to scroll a 150x150 window. Adobe do not seem to have worked on this software for many years.

              I believe it is possible to use third party tools to recover the .PDF.PDB and then successfully email that, but on receiving it, you must put it in a Palm applications directory, not in a directory for normal files.
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                Ever since I downloaded free adobe 8 I have been unable to print any files sent to me such as flight timetables from airline companies. I can read them but when I click on print a sign comes up and wants a file name then this is transferred to my desktop. When I click on print from my desktop I am asked which of my programs I want to open it with and whichever one I choose it either shows me pages of gobbledigook or says it is unable to open as there has been an error by the sender in sending. I have Windows XP and have never had any trouble in the past.
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                  this kinda of problem also happened to me a while ago, still could not fix it..the funny this is that everything else works fine dieta
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                    WHERE AS I CAN OPEN A E MAILL ATTACHMENT IN "xp "
                    SAME ONE in vista home
                    "says corrupted "?
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                      The first message in this thread was on topic, yours and the second are off topic. You will almost certainly get a better response in the right forum, which is http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.ee6b2e6/.

                      To Burke: this is effectively a frequently asked question. The PalmOS version of Acrobat Reader is a split user agent. The desk top part pre-processes the file, including wrapping it up in the form of a PalmOS .PDB database, so that it can be used on Palm devices that don't have external memory cards.

                      The other pre-processing is to render images to bitmaps and to add tagging (information about the document structure) if it wasn't present in the original.
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                        I have a Treo 700p with Goodlink software. I downloaded Adobe Reader for Palm OS/Windows but still cannot read PDF attachments in my e-mails. Any solutions? Thank you.
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                          See my previous reply. You must pre-process the file on the desk top part of Adobe Reader for PalmOS.

                          I believe seem other threads suggest competing products that do process native PDF files completely on the Palm system.
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                              You must get this all the time.  There are lots of us who don't sync to a desktop very frequently, we just fetch our email and use the attachments.  Docs2go uses native format files as well as its own internal versions.


                              People like me need the Palm reader to handle the pdf directly, so we can keep documents on SD cards and use email attachments to pass them around.  As it is, pdfs are essentially useless and very much the non-preferred format.


                              Converting images from vector to bitmap is the wrong way to go; the conversion resolution is inadequate and results in mush.  If you insist on bitmap, use desktop resolution, not PDA screensize.


                              Don't limit yourself to design decisions made years ago when PDAs had a fraction of today's memory and power.



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                                Hi Burke_Cueny, I think that the service of recover pdf may help. Recovery Toolbox for PDF is the easiest way to open affected pdf documents