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      I tried to install the new version of Reader 9 but it won't install because it can't remove the old version. The Windows uninstaller gives me a message that it can't find "AdbeRdr812_en_us.msi." Is there any way to get this old program off my hard drive so teh new version will install? Can I download a new copy of "AdbeRdr812_en_us.msi" to work around the uninstaller issue?
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          pwillener Level 8
          Try first a search on your HD if you can find the existing installer 'AdbeRdr812_en_US.msi', then point to that location during the uninstall.

          If it really has gone missing, you can download it from http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/8.x/8.1.2/enu/AdbeRdr812_en_US.msi
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            I am also having the same problem, and have downloaded from the link specified. However, I now get Windows Installer message - Error applying transforms !

            Please help
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              1. Go to http://support.microsoft.com/KB/290301 and download the Windows Installer Cleanup Tool.

              2. Remove the Adobe 8.1.2 entry.

              3. Reinstall Adobe 8.1.2

              4. Uninstall Adobe 8.1.2

              5. You may now install Adobe 9 without any further problems
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                Hi, I am also having the same problem. I have followed all of the above listed steps and I'm still getting the "transforms" error message. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance, btw.
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                  pwillener Level 8
                  Can you give the full error message you are getting?
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                    When I try to remove Adobe 8.1.2 from the add/remove programs, I get the following: "Error applying transforms. Verify the specified transform paths are valid."

                    When I try to install Adobe 9 I get: "Error 1714. The older version of Adobe Reader 9 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group."
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                      I get all of the above also!
                      8 times!
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                        Did you try the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, as advised earlier in this thread?
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                          Yes. I have tried everything listed in this thread thus far.
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                            pwillener Level 8
                            You have removed Adobe Reader 8.1.2 using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, and you are still getting the same error when trying to install Adobe Reader 9 ?

                            Can you try to reinstall Reader 8.1.2, then uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs? And then install Reader 9.
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                              Hi Pat,

                              I have followed all above suggestions. I am still unable to uninstall 8.1.2 and unable to install 9.0. I have Windows XP. Please advise, thank you.
                              Here are the variety of error messages I have received to date:


                              The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.

                              Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package
                              in the box below.

                              Use source:
                              < choices of 2 different paths, one is Documents & Settings, the other is Program Files >

                              Error message from Windows Installer


                              The path C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\LocalSettings\Application Data\Adobe\Updater5\Install\reader8rdr-en_US\AdbeRdr812_en_US.msi
                              cannot be found. Verify that you have access to this location and try again, or try to find the installation package AdbeRdr812_en_US.msi in a folder from which you can install the product AdobeReader 8.1.2.


                              Adobe Reader 9 Installer Information:

                              Error 1714. The older version of Adobe Reader 9 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.


                              Searched C drive for AdbeRdr812_en_US.msi : "Search is complete. There are no results to display".
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                                I did the first 3 steps in the recovery sequence, and got back to where I was before installing Adobe 9, which I won't be installing at all!
                                A couple of my friends reported the same problem... losing the ability to read .pdf files online after the "automatic" upgrade from 8 to 9.
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                                  hi there,

                                  i am currently using Window Vista SP 1.

                                  Previously, i had been using Ar5 and constantly being prompted to upgrade for compatibility reason, however still able to open pdf files if i persist.

                                  After upgrading to Ar8 recently, i am unable to open any of the pdf files at all.

                                  can someone out there help? i am a IT dummy, btw. thanks.

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                                    In my Adobe frustration, (I needed to read PDF files for work yesterday!), I asked around for solution recommendations and installed FOXIT. It's slim and it seems to work fine. Hopefully Adobe will figure out their bug and tell us how to uninstall the broken software (and 87MB of wasted space on my hard drive). I have noticed that my computer has been crashing a few times a day...I suspect it may be related to this Adobe problem.
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                                      pwillener Level 8
                                      Uninstalling Adobe Reader fails when pieces of the uninstaller are missing. This can occur when users are running "registry cleaners" or other such software. The remedy usually is removing the remaining parts of the uninstaller with the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

                                      Why this has failed for at least one poster in this topic, I don't know. There must be something else going on that we don't know. It is sometimes difficult to give advice when we cannot see *exactly* what a user does.

                                      I have been running Acrobat Reader / Adobe Reader since v4.x under Windows 95 on a number of machines, and I have never had any problems uninstalling or upgrading the Reader.
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                                        i'm facing the same exact issue as above. Even I tried all the proposed resolutions but nothing helps.. Is there any resolution to this? Can someboday from Adobe help us?
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                                          It worked for me!
                                          1. Delete all files in the main folder (the one adobe acrobat reader)
                                          2. Delete the file AC76BA86-7AD7-1048-7B44-A81200000003 (search in Windows partition for hidden files)
                                          4. Remove Adobe 8.1.2 from Programs and Files with Windos Install Clean UP
                                          5. Install Adobe Reader 8.1.2

                                          I have installed Adobe Reader 8.1.2 because this is better for my weak PC.

                                          http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2_allversions.html Download from HERE the version you need.
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                                            Nemuri13 Level 1
                                            Well as the Tao Te Ching states: Who can wait quietly while the mud settles?

                                            The waters have beome muddied by people with multiple errors. If you are receiving the error 1714 or cannot remove Reader 8 from Add/Remove then follow Pat's advice and download and install the Windows Installer Clean-up available here:


                                            If you are getting the error about "...applying transforms" then use the utility in this link:


                                            The person that is getting the error when trying to install the Windows Installer Clean-up if you are on Vista try right clicking on the mciuu2.exe and choosing Run As Administrator from the context menu.

                                            Good luck one and all!