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    Flex and Messenger like applications

      Hi all,

      I'm new to Flex and the upcoming Apollo framework and I'm highly interested in this technology to build my current project.

      However, I couldn't find any answer to my question on the multiple websites I've been browsing.

      My current project would require the Flex (or Apollo) application on the desktop to "host" a remote callable service the same way as a messenger would do or any other Peer2Peer application would.

      Unfortunatelly, it seems that there are no such feature available. ActionScript comes with some classes to perform remote calls but nothing seems in place to actually host a small service (UDP/TCP based protocols).

      So, could anyone tell me if I'm wrong saying so?
      And if I'm not wrong, would it be possible for me to extand the networking capabilities with my own hosting service that I could embed into Flex?