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    Flex 2 + CF MX 7.0.2 under Apache

      I have been trying for almost 4 months to get Flex and CF 7.0.2 to communicate with each other under Apache 2.2, but have gotten basically no-where. For example, I can't even get Ray Camden's Flex implementation to work, nor any of the CF wizard tutorials...or anything for that matter.

      Apache works. CF works. Flex works. CF works WITH Apache (so it says...after doing all the technotes and jdbc:mysql stuff) but Flex and CF won't communicate properly as regards reading any kind of data from a database.

      Under the CF wizard in Flex, for example, it tells me the only valid server root is WEB-INF/flex, on the install drive of CF...but that's not even on the same drive as Apache htdocs.

      Has anyone run across a tutorial on how to make this fly? I have basically used the ACME Guide, and dumped in Flex, as I've run into no instructions anywhere to cover adding Flex properly under a CF/Apache environment. I have tried every configuration I can think of, and completely formatted/reinstalled everything at least a dozen times since November.

      Any suggestions? Should I just dump Apache completely? I thought it was wrong to run CF/Flex on the web without it...