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    Reader 8, Notes/Comments and Permissions


      We use FrameMaker and Word to create PDF manuals for our field technicians. They use Reader to view them.

      We discovered that Reader 8 has the ability to put in notes, comments, even a number of things I always equated with Acrobat for drawing, highlighting, etc. This is good as our techs would LOVE to have a way to put little comments/sticky notes onto their copy of the manual.

      When I use Tools > More Tools I see selections like the polygon tool and strikeout tool (I see lots of my favorite document review tools), but there's an asterisk and it says "Only available when document rights are enabled" Cool, I'll enable document writes, right? :: sigh :: Wrong...

      All the help I've seen assumes they're enabled or not, but doesn't tell me HOW to enable them.

      I have Acrobat 6, Reader 8.1.1, and FrameMaker 7 for creating/editing PDF files, how does one enable document rights so that our techs can put their comments/notes onto their copy of the manual?