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    To   BILL@VT

      This is Howard Sexton,

      And I have sent to you a message earlier but somehow it didn't get through to you, because at the bottom of your last message to me via e mail, there was a live link of which I went to and it got me into the message to message part of the forum and I tried to respond to your message to me. And once I was through with my message to you, I hit the post on the bottom to send and did so, but I found out that I needed to log in first and so, as I understand it, the message was delayed or seemeingly lost.

      Could you give me directions in regard as to how I may send my message to you and be signed in all at once? I am a little mixed up on this forum business and would like a little more information about it. Because, once I do sign in, it seems to take me forever to get to this special page where I can see and send messages. The link that you give me below your message to me in my e mail address, once I hit that with my cursor, it gets me into that particular page alright, but what I need to know, is there a shortcut of which I can just sign in and then go right to the message to message page for viewing and responding? Your link gets me into the mesagee page alright, but since I am not logged in yet, I have found that there is either a delay or it just simply hasn't gone out yet. Should I sign in first in the forum and then look at my e mail from you and then, at that point, go ahead and hit the link then? That would make better sense, I suppose.

      Thanks, Bill, and eagerly awaiting your response on directions so that I may rewrite my former message to my reply to you.