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    Error report from compareFamily

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      I create correct entries in tables and create font with FDK 2.0-WIN. I think either the FDK is at fault or the error message is wrong. Otherwise the italic weight should also get error. That is the FDK appends "Italic" to the "Full Name" but not "Regular". I have been sent new compareFamily by colleague Bob Tremallo (sent to him by Read Roberts in September) but it didn't help.

      compareFamily report:

      Single Face Test 3: Check that name ID 4 (Full Name) starts with same string as Preferred Family Name, and is the same as the CFF font Full Name.
      Error: Mac platform Full Name name id 4) 'Scherzo Pro' is not the same as the font CFF table Full Name, 'Scherzo Pro Regular', for Font ScherzoPro-Regular.


      f=Scherzo Pro

      f=Scherzo Pro

      Font Header:

      FontName ScherzoPro-Regular
      FullName Scherzo Pro Regular
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          Thomas Phinney Level 3
          I think that's a bug. Or at worst that should be a "warning" and not an "error"

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            Hi David;

            I think you are concerned about two issues.
            1) Inconsistent naming behaviour by makeOTF.
            When forming a "Full" name, makeotf does not append "Regular" to the family name, but does append the style name for the other fonts in the family. This is inconsistent, but it also according to the OpenType spec. If you look at the description of the name table name ID 4 "Full Name" at:

            you will see:
            "Full font name; this should be a combination of strings 1 and 2. Exception: if the font is "Regular" as indicated in string 2, then use only the family name contained in string 1. "

            This is per spec, bot a bug. Some Microsoft software derives its own names from the family and style, and if you don't follow its rules, your users will see inconsistent font menus.

            2) CompareFamily reports an error when name table Mac platform name ID 4 "Full Name" is different than the "Full Name" in the source font.

            I will change this to a warning. The issue is real, but the CFF Full Name is not used by any program, so it really doesn't matter much. I made this an error as I often have to look through the data for lots of fonts, and my scripts can be simpler if the same field has the same value in all the different parts of a font that I might be searching.

            - Read