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    makeotf options

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      I have some questions about makeotf:

      Are the keywords that can go into the fontinfo and the font project the same?

      Are these keywords documented anywhere? MakeOTFUserGuide.pdf only mentions five of them for fontinfo but current.fpr gets added others if I use command line options.

      In an older version of the Minion example font I found lots of other keywords in the fontinfo. Are they still valid? Is there any explanation on what they do?

      Is there a special reason why the FeaturePath entry is not retained in current.fpr?

      The glyphs that are added with AddAppleSymbolGlyphs seem to have a sensible outline structure but they are all scaled so that every point is (0,0). Thats a bit too small imho ;) What am I doing wrong here?

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          Hi Tim;

          The keywords that go into the fontinfo file are NOT the same as what goes in the font project file.

          The old fontinfo file for MinionPro with lots of keywords is left over from our 25 year-old SUNOS Unix tools, whcih we no longer use. The MakeOTF user guide documents the few keywords that are used by makeotf. In the currently posted FDK 2.0 build 26, the old MinionPro fontinfo file has been replaced by a new one with only keywords used by makeotf.

          Hm. The FeaturePath should be retained in the current.fpr. This is a bug.

          You don't have any direct control over the scaling of the Apple Symbol Glyphs. The code calculates a scaling factor such that the 'zero' in the built-in MM Symbol glyph font will match the height and vertical position of the 'zero" glyph in the input source font. Either there is something odd about your source font "zero" glyph, as in a 0 bounding box height, or there is a bug in the code - please let me know which.

          Read Roberts
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            Thanks for the clarification, Read.

            I think my zero is fine - it is present in the font and has a "normal" size outline in it. I assume the bounding box cannot be specified, it is just what it is?