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    OTF File Typer

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      Is the OTF File Typer tool available for download somewhere? I think it would be a great idea if you set up a separate download for it. Just put it in http://partners.adobe.com/asn/developer/type/otfdk/downloads/ or so.
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          MarkDouma® Level 1
          If you need a File Typer, I have one on my File Sharing page. It's the "Set FT & CC for .otf fonts.sit". Just a simple droplet.

          Hope this helps....
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            Thomas Phinney Level 3
            I expect Mark's version works fine, but Adobe's version is at:


            Ours looks for the ".otf" file extension, and sets file type and creator accordingly. It's also a droplet, and it works recursively, so you can drag a whole hard drive onto it if you want.

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              MarkDouma® Level 1
              Ooh, mine does the exact same thing and it's Carbonized! lol

              Okay, so it doesn't have the "fancy" icon....


              Thanks Thomas....
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                Thomas Phinney Level 3
                Say, if yours is Carbonized, that's a pretty handy thing. Actually, would it be possible to post yours on our site? Or if not, link to it directly? OS X is pretty widespread these days, so a Carbonized version would be better....

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                  MarkDouma® Level 1
                  Sure, I actually created it with File Manipulator 2.0.2 which is basically a Carbonized app much like FileTyper which it looks like is what you used to create your droplet.

                  Ooh, I just pulled my original one because I noticed a slight bug, lol. (I had the File Type and Creator Code mixed around.) Gosh, that's horrible.... (Sorry to anyone who used it, running this updated version should fix any problems created by the older one.)

                  Okay, I fixed that bug, and updated it to behave recursively like yours does. Just to clarify, it's a droplet that examines the incoming files that are dropped onto it, and if the file has an extension of ".otf" (ignoring case), then it is given the Creator Code of 'ATMC' (Adobe Type Manager) and the File Type of 'sfnt'.

                  I don't mind if you post it on your site or anything. Also, I don't feel all that worthy of credit for making it (especially now that I realized my minor bug, lol). Actually, it'd probably be best if you could post it on your site, that way I wouldn't have to worry about bandwidth problems or outages on my .Mac account (not that this would ever be that popular of a download, but...)

                  The new one is called "OTF_FileTyper_Carbon.sit" and you can get it on my File Sharing page.

                  Oh, BTW, FWIW, I just finished a freeware/donation-ware application/droplet that will convert .dfonts to ordinary TrueType fonts and vice versa. Might be useful when sending jobs to service bureaus that are still in OS 9. Also, while most font managers I've seen, like Suitcase and FontAgent Pro, have the ability to "bridge" the gap between the OS X native and Classic environment by making fonts you've activated available to both environments, they seem to be limited when it comes to data-fork based fonts. For example, if you have AmericanTypewriter.dfont installed in your "/Library/Fonts" folder or enabled in your font manager, it'll be availabe to native OS X applications, but since Classic doesn't know how to make use a data-fork based .dfonts, your font manager can't make it available to Classic.

                  To help solve this probelm, I've converted all my .dfonts to regular resource fork-based TT fonts. That way, when I use FontAgent Pro to enable my fonts (including what would be many default Apple-installed .dfonts) I can be certain that I'm using the same exact font set in the native OS X environment as I am in the Classic environment.

                  Anyway, I've just got to finish the icon and the read me documentation and then I hope to post it to VersionTracker sometime next week.

                  Hope this helps....