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    Why is my video lighter on one half in AE?

      I'm using AE CS3 on a Mac. I just imported an uncompressed 1080p video clip into AE but no matter what I do, there is a "rectangle" shaped side of the video that is lighter (or the rest is darker). I don't know why this is here because it's not actually on the video file. I just rendered it again through Final Cut but I'm still getting the same issue.

      I tried exporting the video in AE anyway but that lighter part still shows up. I'm confused. I don't have any masks on top. I'm opening fresh in a new AE composition but it still does that.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Are you using OpenGL? Tried to turn it off/ disable it? And what kind of Mac to begin with? Graphics card? What does "Uncompressed" mean? Apple Uncompressed? What CoDec do you use? There have been issues with ProRes in the past, but other FCP-specific CoDecs may show odd behaviors as well. Likewise, an insufficient graphics system may notg be able to correctly display your footage in OpenGL mode...