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    Workflow HELP : switching footage from PC to Mac

    fredou_79 Level 1

      I'm trying to switch my footage from a PC to a Mac to have my colorist do color grading.

      The problem:
      His Mac has only 1 HD slot left Internal and his logic board has a HD size limitaton which is inferior to my footage space (500-750 GB unsure which) I'm unsure about using EXT HD with firewire to work at color grading with AE.

      Will my colorist be able to to work on firewire EXT HDs? (they will be HTF formatted.)

      I working with CFHD avi so is 16 MB/sec and it's VRB which I'm unsure from how much to how much; streams are supposed to have an impact on this as well (but I'm unsure what is defines exactly).

      Thank you.

      Can anyone give me guidance, I'm quite lost with this and IT people all seems to give me different answers.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          >they will be HTF formatted.

          Windows does not read Mac-formatted (you surely meant HSF+) discs and vice versa. Not natively, that is. You will need MacDrive or a similar commercial product to do so. However, you are combining several critical things here:

          a) Firewire drives often require special drivers on Windows

          b) Most PCs only have FW 400 plugs (if at all)

          c) Formatting the drive on Mac may make it impossible to even mount it automatically on PC

          There's a lot of points where it can go wrong, so my advise is to stay away from even trying (unless you can borrow/ rent an external RAID to experiment). Instead, look into getting a NAS drive with 2 Ethernet ports, then use it as a "storage server". plugging in network cables is certainly easier than going through all the trouble with your other setup.

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            fredou_79 Level 1
            Found a way with a clerk, I'll collect my files and have a store copy my files to a HSF+ (you're right, I guess that showed my lack of Mac knowledge...) that my colorist is going to use.