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    ----- After Effects Wish List (Pre 2008 - Read Only) -----

    Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional



      What features would you like to see implemented in After Effects? New ideas for plugins? Interface changes? Post 'em here!

      Let's keep bug identification to individual posts, as these will probably be addressed more readily. Let's use this thread for specific ideas about ways that AE can be improved and expanded.

      These Forums are for users, not Adobe employees, so don't forget to also fill in an Adobe Feature Request Form.

      Here's a few for starters:

      b From Silversurfer:

      • Add dropdowns for precomp contents within a composition timeline (I have put this one in to the Feature Request area a bunch of times way before 7 Pro came out)?

      • In the Timeline Tabs...how about losing the word "Timeline:" on every single tab in the timeline (at least give us the option to turn it off).

      • In Multiview (2 & 4 View) Mode in the Composition Window: How about a small semi-transparent "View Label" in the corner of each view displayed (Front / Back / Top / Bottom / Active Camera / etc)...you know - like a 3D program?

      • Please add more flexibility within the Composition Window Multiview Mode - to be able to grab & stretch a smaller view out to make it larger.

        b From Aaron Cobb:

      • I'd like to see the return of the old motion graphs, for quick reference purposes. The new graphs add a lot of improvements, but they take away 1:1 correlation, the ability to see the graphs alongside all the other timeline markers and keyframes, and easy readability. I'd love to have the best of both worlds.

      • The ability to set the motion graph background color independent of the interface color would be a big plus.
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