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    Exporting PSD files to FCP

      I use AE to create graphics with text, save the frame and import it into Final Cut Pro. In AE CS3(leopard OS), if I save the frame as the default psd file, FCP will not allow me to import it. It appears ghosted in the file import window. If fact the only one I can import into FCP is PNG.

      If I save any psd files in photoshop or Illustrator I can import them just fine. This leads me to believe it is an After Effects issue.

      I used to do it all day, every day(so to speak) in AE 7(tiger OS). I don't have to have it as a psd file, just something with an alpha channel with good quality.
      I would appreciate it if someone could give me a solution to this. Thanks.
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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          I also have this issue in Leopard with AE 8.0.2 and FCP. Glad to hear it's not just me!

          Simply re-saving the PSD in PS doesn't resolve the issue. I've found no other application that WON'T open the PSD, only FCP.

          I've recorded an Action in PS that copies the document, then pastes it into a new document and saves it. Obviously this is fine with single-layer PSDs, but a pain with multi-layer ones.

          I've posted a bug report to Adobe, but it COULD be a FCP issue, rather than an AE one...?

          Feel free to post a bug report yourself - the more recognition of the problem, the better:

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            Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
            Try to figure out if the PSD saved out of AE has any features that FCP doesn't support, like layer styles, grouping or anything similar.

            - Jonas Hummelstrand
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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              ^Good point, Jonas, but no luck, unfortunately. Single layer PSDs with no alpha exhibit the problem.
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                Level 1
                Same here. Most of the time I'm just exporting an image file with one layer. It seems reasonable it could be a setting but I which one. I've tried changing many of them with no success. MOV. files export to FCP just not PSD and most of the other image formats. What's different about PNG? BTW, I posted a bug report also. Posting on an Apple/FCP related site could be worth a shot.