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    Outlook Express gets messed up by AE

      If I launch Outlook Express and have it full size on my screen and then
      launch After Effects.. The second you see the AE splash screen appear the
      icon tool bar in outlook express immediately increases in width.
      You can see it change because the splah screen is small with the OE
      tool bar visable at screen top. Huh??? Every time AE is lauched the tool bar gets bigger and bigger. Is Adobe going to fix this?
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          shooternz Level 6
          Man to Doctor " It hurts when I do this...'

          Doctor to Man " Well dont do that then..."
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            >Is Adobe going to fix this?

            That's assuming Adobe were the bad guys. As it stands, this must not necessarily be the case. Could just as well be a more generic leak in GDI+ and thus be MS' fault. If it gets "fixed" that would mean you'll have to wait until October, when CS4 will be released...

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              I would assume the problem is with Adobe. My system has just had a fresh install of XP Pro and all my programs. I purchased Adobe Design Premium CS3, SoundForge, Office 2003, etc. None of the other programs cause this problem. Photoshop, Bridge, Premiere Pro 2.0, etc. Only AE. There is something the program is doing during initalization to cause the leak or whatever it is. And as Craig stated above... if AE is doing something that hurts... well then don't do that. Its not a big deal but is irritating and would be even more irritating to pay for CS4 and find the problem is still there. Another small irritation I've found is with Bridge. Bridge randomly forgets work space settings. I set the work space up the way I want then one day I launch the program for say the 2nd or 3rd time and everything is back to defaults. I didn't do a disk cleanup or anything that could have caused it. Go figure.
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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8
                Did you file a bug? That's the first step toward getting any problem fixed.

                To report bugs, send a detailed bug report (including information about the version number of your software, some details about your computer, et cetera) to aebugs@adobe.com.

                To submit feature requests, fill out this form:

                You can use the feature request form to submit bugs, too.
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                  I looked thru the Adobe site and couldn't find the bug report area.
                  Thanks for the link.... I just submitted the OLE problem!

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