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    KeyUp Script Provided by Adobe Does Not Function. . .

    Lazlo Hollyfeld Level 1
      Hi There,

      I downloaded the KeyUp script provided by Adobe. The link to the script can be found in the help files for the Mac version of AE CS3. Essentially, the script is designed to allow users to change the shortcut key assignments in AE CS3. So, I was thrilled to learn about this since I have a new MacBook Pro, and the numeric keypad is. . . yes. . . gone!

      In any case, I load up the script, and it gave me an error saying that I needed to enable the "Allow scripts to write files and access the network" General Preference. I did that, and the script executed superbly. I then reassigned the keyboard shortcuts and it updated fine. I changed the shortcut for RAM Preview (which is NumPad0 by default) to the "/" key. I restarted AE and sure enough the symbol next to the "RAM Preview" menu item was changed.

      Here's the problem: when I press the "/" key on the keyboard, the "Composition" menu at the top does flash blue, but NOTHING happens! Has anybody out there used the KeyUp script with the Mac Version of AE CS3? If anybody can shed some light on this, that would be great.


      PS. Here is the link to the KeyUp script for those of you who are interested: