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    cascading corruption  / repair corrupt files?

      I'm having corrupt AE files. Is there anyone who can repair a corrupt file? I seem to remember seeing a post somewhere about somebody who was able to repair files.

      Further, what's happening is AE files are becoming corrupt after an AE crash / force quit and previous files are becoming corrupt as well. It could be a server issue, but I'm really hoping there is someone who could look at the file to see if it's something that can be fixed.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          You cannot really "repair" damaged files. You can try to import them into empty projects and hope that at least a part of them comes in intact, but that's pretty much it. Beyond that all you can fix in a Hexeditor are the plain text items such as layer names, effects names, effects match names and expressions, but only if you don't insert or delete additional data. As with all binary files - a single space can entirely change the offsets and make it useless. You might also be able to insert an intact header or footer via copy&paste, but that, too, may not have any useful outcome. As it stands, you might be able to retrieve isolated elements, but usually not the overall structure since there's really no way outside of AE to calculate the internal magic numbers and other data used to define the hierarchy within the project. You should be prepared having to do this all over again. You can send a sample file to mylenium<\-\>at<\-\>mylenium.de and I will take a look, but chances are slim....