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    Why does Encore try to re-transcode compliant M2V files?

    neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP
      Encore will only try to re-transcode an MPEG-2 file in 2 circumstances.
      1 - The asset is not properly DVD-Compliant.
      This could be for several reasons, the most likely offenders being either too high a bitrate or an incorrect GOP size. DVD-Video limits us to a total
      i combined Audio & Video
      bitrate of 9800 kbps, or 9.8 Mb/s. This is also a peak value, not an average one. The easiest way to check the bitrate is with the excellent "Bitrate Viewer" available from http://www.tecoltd.com/bitratev.htm

      2 - The total combined bitrate of the Audio & Video files
      i on the timeline
      exceeds the maximum bitrate set in the Project Settings (Advanced).
      If, for example, this is set to 7Mb/sec, and the peak rates when combined
      i exceed
      this number, Encore will re-transcode.

      The only solution in both cases is to re-transcode the original source file to MPEG-2 or else to use the uncompressed asset & allow Encore to transcode automatically.