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    Help with making a game

      I am making a game that is basicallly snake. I want it to act just like snake, only haing different things for the food and the snake. I had the entire code working, and then i added other frames and buttons. i have a main page, with a link to the game and one to the instructions. The instructions is a 3-page long set, and have "next" buttons connecting them. then i play the game. I have a couple of problems. I play it the first time, and it does not distribute the food the way that it is supposed to. There is no food on the screen. The screen is also off-set from the stage where i created it, and the boundaries have changed, so not all of the screen shows the boundaries and what-not. The next problem that i have is that after i get to the end, i click the "Play again" button, and it goes to the beginning. Then i go and try to play again, and it comes up with the screen, but nothing else. What did i do wrong with the code/how do i fix it? the codes are attached. The other questoion that i ahve is one about attaching sound. After the snake takes the food, iw ant a chomping sound. I have it and everything. I am wondering if i initialize the sound and then put it in as a seperate init() code after he takes the food, or just initialize it at the end, and have it make the sound when he bites it

      Thank you in advance for helping me
      Sincerely yours,
      Confused AS Coder