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    Encore CS4 constantly crashes

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      I installed the CS4 Master Collection suite and had no errors in the installation. I have been using some of the applications without problem. However, when I try to work with Encore CS4 it crashes everytime.

      I created a new project and imported some JPG images to create a slideshow. I can't get past this point. Everytime I launch Encore and open the project it crashes. I have tried to create new projects and it makes no difference.

      I spoke with Adobe Technical Support and they suggested I start Windows with all of the services disabled. Encore still crashes. They then suggested I uninstall and reinstall the entire suite which would take hours.

      I am running Windows XP Sp3 with Core2Duo processor and 2 Gb RAM. I have plenty of available hard drive space.

      Has anyone had this problem or have suggestions on what may be causing Encore to crash?
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          Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
          Not saying this is your probe but 2 GB of RAM these days is kind of the minimum. More RAM would be helpful.

          I think you should uninstall and reinstall as unpleasant as that might be.
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            Unfortunately my Sony VAIO notebook has a max of 2Gb of RAM that I can install. I can run any of the other applications in the Master Collection without problem. Encore CS4 is the culprit and based on what I am reading in the forums this program is extremely buggy.

            I did uninstall and reinstall the CS4 Master Collection suite (with no errors)but Encore CS4 still crashes when I try to do anything. I can launch the program fine but when I try to create a new project and start to do anything, or load an existing project it will crash.

            I hope Adobe looks into the problems with this application since it is basically unuseable in its present state.
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              Jeff Bellune Level 6
              Create a temporary new administrator user account and then try running Encore from the new account.<br /><br />If it works, then you should delete the Encore folder in C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Application Data\Adobe and then try launching Encore again.
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                Thanks for the suggestion Jeff.

                I tried creating a new Administrator user account and the application is still crashing. I have tried just about everything to get Encore CS4 to work but no success. The other apps are working fine within the CS4 Master Collection suite as far as I can tell so I don't get what is wrong with Encore?
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                  Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
                  A font? You know corrupted may be? A profile corrupted or perhaps a file corruption?

                  In the preferences did you try to clean your Media Cache database?
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                    I'll give that a try to see if it makes any difference. I did go through a reinstall already and would think that the Media cache would be clean but let's see what happens.

                    Thanks for your input.
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                      Hey Mike,
                      I just read this Thread here and wanted to let you know, that I am experiencing exactly the same Error with Encore CS4 out of my Mastercollection.

                      I am currently installing XP SP3 and see if this will change anything.

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                        Hi Mike and Michael:
                        I just joined the forum and am experiencing the exact same problem as you both. I use an Alienware laptop (P4 3.6Ghz, RAID 0, 3GB RAM). I have done 9 major Movie DVD productions in the CS2 Production Suite and Encore was workable though a little buggy. I upgraded to CS4 and Encore crashes even with opening a new project. My guess is that I have a CODEC problem. This was one of the things listed to check for when troubleshooting Encore crashes from a Technote article (http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb401278&sliceId=1). The article gives several things to try. It gave a detailed procedure of how to disable codecs to determine the bad one. I will give that a try next but I have over 300 codecs installed. I imagine people who have a machine closer to a virgin OS install (no additional codecs) have no problems with Encore CS4. I use alot of additional Multimedia type programs which all have installed their own codecs. It does seem odd that I don't have the same problem in Premiere. However, Encore goes through an initialization phase 'preparing for transcoding' which is the last thing it does before crashing for me. I imagine it is doing CODEC stuff here. Let me know of your progress and I will do the same. I don't try Adobe tech support much - I often find I know more than them about their own software (I have taught the entire suite of applications for 7 years for ITT Technical Institute to over 1000 students.
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                          Hi<br /><br />I have the same problem, and only with encore. I have uninstalled then reinstalled the complete cs4 master collection twice. I have disabled codecs. I have cleaned all temp files and preferences. Nothing has seemed to fix the problem. I have run all updates for windows, adobe, and apple software.  <br /><br />here is the first part of my crash log. I have submitted it each time to adobe. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this problem?<br /><br /><?xml version="1.0"?><br /><!DOCTYPE crashreport SYSTEM "AdobeCrashReporter.dtd"><br /><crashreport version="1.1" crVersion="3.0.20080806" applicationName="Adobe Encore" applicationVersion="" build="unknown"><br /><time year="2009" month="1" day="2" hour="9" minute="49" second="40"/><br /><user guid="5bc1e22a-dc64-49fa-a7ff-ecdba5f164ac"/><br /><system platform="windows" osversion="5.1.2600 SP 3.0" applicationlanguage="English (United States)" userlanguage="en_US" oslanguage="en_US" ram="2047" machine="Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5320  @ 1.86GHz" model="x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 7" cpuCount="8" cpuFreq="1861 MHz" busFreq="" locale="English (United States)"/><br /><crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" instruction="0x6962f59a"><br /><backtrace crashedThread="0"><br /><thread index="0"><br /><stackStatement index="0" address="0x6962f59a" symbolname="DllMain"/><br /></thread><br /></backtrace>
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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Might not be relevent, but the "Exception_Access_Violation" *might* point to User Permissions. In earlier versions of Encore, Permissions (basically running as Administrator) were essential for it to work.

                            Are you installing and running on an Administrator account?

                            Just thinking here,

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                              Hi Bill,

                              As far as I can tell, my login name is set to be the administrator. It is set from domain or network to the local computer to be in local administrator group. I have never had any problems with Encore cs3 or other issues related to not being a local administrator. I have another computer, off the network, where I run as the pure local administrator, and everything works fine with Encore cs4.

                              maybe it is a bug with the network login. I should give local login a try, or get my IT department to login into the local admin account and see if it runs from there.

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                                i created a local administrator account. I logged in and started encore in the new account and had the same crash.

                                is there a specific place in the crash data file where it names what it is crashing on?

                                i am at a loss.
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                                  I have also tried to create a new Local Administrator account and it still crashes everytime. I get a similar crash report. Adobe support is worthless so I am not sure what else to try? It may be conflicting with other codecs but it will take time to troubleshoot. I will report any updates on any progress.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    I do not know about CS4, but previous versions of Encore had real problems when hooked to a network. Other than my Gigabit LAN, I have never run it on one, so do not have any useful info.

                                    However, a search of this forum for "network" will probably yield quite a few articles. Maybe something in one of those can help you, or your IT department.


                                    Are you also running on a network?

                                    Good luck,

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                                      I have the same issue, i'm running CS4 on my laptop and Encore is the only one which doesnt run properly.
                                      -I updated to SP3
                                      -I downdraded then reupgraded my graphic card drivers
                                      -I updated directx
                                      -I removed any codec that where not microsoft native (ffdshow caused premiere to crash)
                                      -cleaned the adobe cash and any temporary folder
                                      -verified privilege access
                                      Updated Adobe to the latest version

                                      I don't know what I should do next, but it seems that it crashes when initializing the monitor window, ie the display (as soon as i open a new timeline or import as a new timeline, but i can create menus,buttons,...)
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                                        Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
                                        The preference maybe is corrupt?
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                                          i have renewed the preferences files more that 10 times...
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                                            I'm having the same problems described in this post. I too have the Masters collection and have tried about everything I can to fix. I'm also having an issue with sorting slides in a slideshow. The thumbnails are not updating and I even get blank slides as if it is loosing the link to the original photo.

                                            This software is driving me nuts. I'm not backed up on projects as I'm spending my time trying to resolve this issue.

                                            Plan on spending the day tomorrow trying to get a senior technician at Adobe to help.
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                                              i am not sure but i think i found at least the solution to why my encore was crashing, maybe it is your solution as well.

                                              I checked the crash data. the only number closely resembling my crash number was a range associated with the nvoglnt.dll file, in windows/system32. I checked this and it was a nvidia file. So i updated the drivers for quadro fx 3500 card. Now i am able to burn a dvd, yay, too bad I already burned all the dvds that were urgent on another computer running encore cs3.

                                              thanks everyone

                                              later, at least until tomorrow when encore breaks again

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                                                Hi all,<br /><br />I've the same problem <br />(<crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION")<br /><br />What's your Graphic Card ?<br /><br />Nono
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                                                  Hi, I use an NVidia GeForce Go 7800GTX with 256MB (Alienware laptop D900). I tried upgrading and downgrading my video drivers and Encore still crashes. Maybe my video card is the problem and I'll be stuck until I upgrade to a Quadro. Is anybody else out there working with CS4 Encore successfully? If so, what card and platform do you have?
                                                  -David Dara
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                                                    I am running a nvidia pny quadro fx 3500 on a hp xw8400.

                                                    Adobe should provide a way to post the crash logs on the forums. I tried to copy and paste mine, but it cut off the whole log. post your 0x##### error should be in the same line with the exception access or the line after that. I looked at that number, then looked at the stacks for the dll in the list. the list consists of to:0x##### from:0x###### (i forget exactly what it looks like). I have no idea what those numbers mean. My error was 0x69##### (i forget the rest) I just looked for the stack that started with 0x69####. and that had a file nvoglnt.dll next to it. either it was a corrupt dll file or it needed to be updated, i don't know, but it seems to work now. also try fixing and cleaning dlls and the registry.

                                                    I have no problems on another computer i use, it is a custom Pentium 4 with a nvidia PNY pci geforce 8400 Gs. yeah i know pci. My ati radeon agp died, and i live in a small town with no frys, and only the world's smallest best buy. then my motherboard doesn't support pci-express, and i needed my computer backup and running again.

                                                    also with the video cards, who is the manufacturer, I went through 3 bfg cards before getting the radeon. The bfgs just kept coming up dead or incompatible. I also had problems with a Chaintech, that I think might have been brown market, because it wasn't listed on the company's us website.
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                                                      neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                      I think the problem is with the NVidia GE Force 7xxx series of graphics chips. I have had the exact same issue on a Laptop running a 512Mb GO 7600, and know of folks with a GO 7300 and the same issues.
                                                      The trouble is that with a lot of systems (laptops especially) the graphics chips are OEM items - meaning the manufacturers buy scads & scads of them & the original manufacturer does not provide end user support. As soon as internal firmware hits issues, rather than bugfix & update most manufacturers these days obsolete the model & introduce a new one as it is cheaper for them to build them by the container load in China, and to hell with the end user.
                                                      None of this is a solution to the problem though.
                                                      The biggest problem of all is that unless Adobe fix the problem, then it is not going to go away as it is impossible to update the NVidia chip drivers to the latest versions because of the OEM nature of the product. Go to the NVidia website & you will be politely told to go to the seller of your machine.

                                                      This problem is probably going to get a lot worse in the future as well. The only solution I can think of is to
                                                      A - Avoid using Laptops unless you can afford to buy a new one each software build.
                                                      2 - If using a desktop, avoid buying from Box Shifters and instead either build your own or get someone reputable to do it for you - preferably without using NVidia Graphics cards (They have other, more serious problems as well)
                                                      3 - Dump the NVidia Graphics card where possible & go for an ATI device instead.

                                                      I also think that the Adobe installer should check this - and tell you - pointedly - your graphics chip/card is not up to the job.
                                                      BTW - on Premiere CS4, you will find that 4.0 installs & runs, but the 4.01 update might well kill it.
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                                                        I have an NVidia Quadro FX 570 on a desktop system and just loaded the latest drivers; I still get crashes. For me at least this has not been a solution.

                                                        One thing that appears to be solving most of my crashes on my desktop is not having my laptop (redundantly loaded with the Masters Collection in order to work remotely) plugged into my network. When its on the network, without any Adobe products open, I get frequent crashes.

                                                        What's "buying from box shifters" in earlier post?

                                                        Is anyone with an ATI card having similar crashes?
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                                                          One other thing is I have major issues with sorting slides when doing a slideshow. Encore loses links to images, cannot refresh the thumbnails, and pops in blank slides. Its like russian roulette when moving slides around, sometimes it works and the next time it could corrupt the entire slideshow and I have to start over.

                                                          Is this happening to anyone else?

                                                          I post here only because my primary symptoms are as others in this forum have posted.
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                                                            You can try a temporary solution:

                                                            Nvidia 7### driver doesn't work with ENCORE due to the nvidia OpenGL DLL. Maybe one version is compatible...but wich one..

                                                            You can desactivate it or delete\remove the file

                                                            I suggest you to cut nvoglnt.dll and save it in another place.
                                                            Automatically you will not use NVIDIA OpenGL, but standard XP OpenGL.

                                                            AND NO MORE CRASHES.
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                                                              Hi Bradley, what is the address in the crash log. here is the information from mine that lead me to believe it was related to the nvidia dll file. <br /><br /><crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" instruction="0x6962f59a"><br /><backtrace crashedThread="0"><br /><thread index="0"><br /><stackStatement index="0" address="0x6962f59a" symbolname="DllMain"/><br />......<br /><binaryImage start="0x69500000" end="0x69a3b000" type="__TEXT" path="C:&#92;WINDOWS&#92;system32&#92;nvoglnt.dll"/><br /><br />i am only guessing that the address was a reference to a place in the binary image and related some how to the nvoglnt.dll.
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                                                                I had the same problem with Encore. When I moved around images in a slide show, I would sometimes get a blank slide. The images all look okay so I don't know what could be causing that particiular image to stop displaying during the slide show.

                                                                As a cumbersome fix, I would remove that image from the timeline and library and reimport the image which fixed the problem for that slide.
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                                                                  Since I am using a Nvidia 7600GT card, I tried the suggestion to remove the C:\WINDOWS\system32\nvoglnt.dll file and it appeared to work. So far I have not had a crash.

                                                                  I am not clear what I am giving up by not using that file but hopefully this is at least a temporary fix to the problem of the constant crashing (at least for me).

                                                                  Thank you for the suggestion.

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                                                                    Sorry for asking, but where do I find the crash log? I'd be happy to post it if I can find it. Novice in one thing expert in another...
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                                                                      when an adobe product crashes there should be a box displayed to submit the crash log data to adobe. there is a place to check to have it automatically submitted without displaying the box.

                                                                      in the corner (left corner to the user) should be a link to view the crash data log or crash log data. click this and notepad or wordpad will open displaying the data.

                                                                      if the box does not display on a crash, check C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Encore CS4\CrashReporterApp.exe on windows and disable automatically sending the report, so it will display the crash dialog box
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                                                                        ok, removing/renaming nvoglnt.dll solved partially the problem, this makes encore working but playback of mpg files is very slow.
                                                                        Is is possible to find a opengl library i could rename to nvoglnt.dll and that could do the trick ?
                                                                        • 33. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                                          Hi Thomas,

                                                                          After removing the nvoglnt.dll file Encore will use CPU instead of GPU. There are some disadvantages of doing that like slow playback as mentioned by you and you may not be able to import high megapixel files(10-12 megapixels)for slideshows.

                                                                          This problem is because of bad driver of the graphics card. It will be good to try updating to latest Graphics card drivers and then check if it works.

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                                                                            the version number on my working file is, private build is 3034292

                                                                            i have placed file in my drop box, if someone wants to see if just replacing the file will fix the issue.


                                                                            in regards to jpg issues. I was working with photos in Premiere and it kept crashing on render. the original photos were roughly 4k x 4k at 300 dpi, others were at 5k x 4k and at 4000 dpi. I reduced everything to 150 dpi and reduced sizes by 50%. that seemed to solve the problem.
                                                                            • 35. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
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                                                                              I guess I should have said in "regards to slides" in encore. maybe check the pictures you are importing to make sure they aren't problems with the images that might keep encore from rendering them as slides. like some crazy 4000 dpi.
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                                                                                unfortunately, replacing nvoglnt.dll with the one provided by Doug doesnt work since the graphic card drivers recognize it as an incompatible version.
                                                                                I have a Geforce Go 7600 on my laptop and the drivers are only available on my laptop manufacturer website.
                                                                                I'll try to force to install nvidia drivers instead.
                                                                                Thank you for your help Doug.
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                                                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                                  There is a site dedicated to allowing one to hack graphics card mfgr. updates for various laptops, because as you have found, many laptop mfgrs do not issue updates and drivers can go out of date quickly.

                                                                                  I searched my bookmarks, but could not find it. Google should help you in the search. Basically, this site offers the tools to convert the latest drivers, from say nVidia, to match up what your laptop will take.

                                                                                  Sorry for not having the link handy,

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
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                                                                                    Thanks guys for the info. I'm the one who uses Encore on an Alienware with a NVidia Go 7800GTX and removing the nvoglnt.dll file allows my CS4 encore to work. I have yet to use it with some real work so I hope the slow down with mpgs is not problematic. Realtime playback is not a big deal in Encore since it's for menu making. I wonder if this will affect my playback in Permeire which is a major concern? Thanks - David Dara
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                                                                                      I've found the solution for my Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 without removing nvoglnt.dll.

                                                                                      This driver version works => NVIDIA NFORCE 15.24


                                                                                      Try to install it,
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