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    Re: Using the real thing in blockquotes

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      darrel wrote:
      >> I Googled both to see what keyword I should go with and I prefered
      >> the results returned by "blockquote".
      >> Also, I believe "pullquote" would only be used by english speaking
      >> users while any web designer should know about "blockquote" ;-)
      > Yea, I suppose it's just a POV issue.
      > Maybe call it 'making styled pullquotes using blockquotes and images'.

      OKay, now I'm using the following title:
      Images in pull-quotes or liftout quotes

      > In my mind, not all blockquotes are going to necessarily be
      > pullquotes, but all pullquotes should be blockquotes.

      I agree.

      > Either way, though, nice tutorial!

      Thanks. And thanks for your suggestion.

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