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    Use text to cut a hole into a rectangle.

    JerryCied Level 1



      I want to create a rectangle and place some text onto it.

      Only i want the text to actually remove the rectangle as if the text were cut out of the rectangle.

      This would allow whatever is behind the rectangle to show through.

      If the canvas is behind the rectangle and the canvas is transparent, then the background of the web page surface will show through.


      Just in case you don't know what i am asking. take a peice of paper and cut out the word hello. Place the paper anywhere and the word hello is a hole in the paper. I want the paper with the hole and not the text i cut out of it.


      I tried ctrl-x ing  a text object and pasting it as a mask onto a rectangle, This produced the exact opposite of what i am trying to do.


      Thank you