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    Panning features disabled

    NeedsHelp_37 Level 1
      I just got Captivate 4 and installed it. I watched the Recording tutorial that comes with Captivate 4. (I've been using Captivate 1 for several years.) I went to try out the new Panning feature but when I go to the "Auto Recording" button and click it. The Automatic Recording options box appears. However, the "Panning" drop down box is disabled. The exact same thing happens when I click the Full Motion Recording button or the Manual Recording button. And the same thing is happening no matter which "Mode" that I have checked. Is there some setting somewhere that turns the Panning on? What am I doing wrong?
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          NeedsHelp_37 Level 1

          An observation: Looks like you can only use the Panning features if your recording size is smaller than the window you're recording. I think I was thinking more of this feature as a zoom tool than what it actually does. If my recording size is smaller than the window I'm recording, then the Panning features are enabled.


          I had looked up the Panning feature in the Adobe documentation and it was extremely limited on what it says. I think a lot more needs to be written about this feature so we're not guessing on what it's suppose to do and what it's limitations are. I had to figure this one out on my own since the documentation wasn't sufficient.

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            M_Anand Level 3

            Hi eNerd,


            Panning options(Automatic panning/Manual panning) are NOT available when:

            1. you choose to record in FullScreen mode.
            2. the recording size is 80%(in dimension) of the screen dimension.


            Manual panning is NOT available when:

            • In the preferences dialog, at Recording -> Settings, 'Hide: Recording window' checkbox is checked.