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    Detaching sidecars from an image

      Hi all,


      I am having a problem with Lightroom that is making me crazy. I have a few images JPG images that have .hdr or .exr files as sidecars, and I am not able to instruct lightroom to forget about them. If I move one of this jpg to another folder (using lightroom) the hdr file moves along, which I don't want, I want to keep it in another directory. If I move the hdr file to another folder (not using lightroom), then when moving the jpg (using lightroom) it will complain the sidecar is missing. If I could just detach the sidecar from the jpg.....

      If you wonder why did I end up with .hdr or .exr files as sidecars (when the manual only talks about .xmp sidecar files!), the come from procesing DNG files into hdr, and then creating a jpg, which I import back into lightroom. My naming convention uses the same name for the .jpg and .hdr files, and that's when lightroom gets confused and attaches the .hdr as sidecar (or that's what I think happens).


      Any help would be appreciated.