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    Crackling/Clicking Sound After Rendering

      I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 on Mac OS X 10.5 on a Macbook.


      I have a Canon XH A1 camera and record voice and other audio using an iPod Nano with a stereo microphone, recording highest quality WAV file.


      Once I get the audio all lined up with the video (usually requires speeding the audio up slightly to sync) everything looks great and sounds great in the preview. No noise at all in the audio...not in the original WAV file, in Premiere Pro or in the audio from the camera.


      After going through Adobe Media Encoder, the MOV file I create has a clicking/crackling sound (kind of like old vinyl, but louder, quiet popping) any time the audio came from the iPod.


      Settings are: Quicktime, H.264, 1280X720, quality at 100, 24 fps, AAC Audio @ 44khz.


      The original WAV audio file is 16 bit, 1411 kbps, 44.100 khz stereo. Also no hissing, pops or crackles in an MP3 derived from the file in soundbooth.


      I've seen a few threads where somebody else had a similar problem, but it was never resolved.


      Any ideas?