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    Timeline doubles up and magnifys when a clip is moved

    terryd1 Level 1

      Hi! Can anyone help with this one? Some funny things happen when I load in Premiere CS3 ver. 3.2 on my Vista machine first of all when I click on a saved project to load nothing happens until I move the box then I can click and load the project. Now if I try to move a clip either in the timeline or place a new clip, the timeline doubles up and magnifys and gets jumbled so you can't see where you're placing the clip, if you move the pointer on the timeline along a bit it sort of returns to normal but you see bits of the magnified timeline along the edges but you can imagine it's impossible to use. Then when you decided that you can't do anything and exit the program a dialogue box come up "do you wish to save the changes" with the options Save, Don't save or cancel or something like that you can't change the highlighted option SAVE and I have to just press RETURN to exit the program.I've tried repair the CS3 installation and completely uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail I even downloaded a trial of CS4 and that does the same and I've updated the video driver. Something is screwing it up but what? Can you help? Cheers Terry