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    New Forum Tips

    Curt Wrigley Level 4

      A few tips accumulated to help improve your experience in these new Fora



      • First; Read the New Forum FAQ that the Adobe Forum Administrator published.  It has a lot of useful information
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      • Unless you want your email box to fill up with a copy of every post for every thread you participate in, follow the instructions in the thread to turn OFF auto subscription.  The Default setting is currently ON
      How do I stop receiving email notifications from the Adobe Forums?
      • Find Spam?  Help us remove it by reporting it.  Click on the report abuse link under the post where you see Spam.  Moderators will be notified so they can address it quickly.
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      • Want the forum to stretch as wide as your browser?  Not possible with the standard offering.  But if you are running Firefox and are willing to install a local style sheet plugin, this works great.
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      • Want to see where you have been, or have an easy list of forums to pop back and forth to?  Bookmark this URL, or get the same place from your History button
      • Are you bored?  Click on Browse/Discussions and see the most current discussions on ALL adobe products in one place.  Note there are almost 2 Million Posts in this fora! 
      • Want to go to the last post in a thread rather than the first post?   This helps reduce some scrolling.
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